Travel Expert

My name is Gianina and I can be your personal travel agent. Perhaps you're not sure why you need a professional travel agent.

It's the same story as with the other jobs. It seems easy to tailor a dress but only when you start working for it you realize that you need more than just a pair of scissors.

It goes the same with tourism. My friends, my family, my clients are intelligent people! I'm sure they can make reservations on the site dedicated to the hotels or airlines. My role is to help them if things get complicated or if there is not enough time to organize their holiday .

I can help you if you want a holiday. How to do? It's easy. Tell me what you want and I will find the most suitable options for you. I'll take care of your holiday planning, while you are packing up and you will enjoy the holiday.

Advantages of a personal travel agent are:

√ Those relating to the time for that I know all the best places to search for and verify several options, saving you many hours of your valuable time. How many times have you lost hours in front of the computer until you have found suitable alternative for your holiday?

√ Furthermore, cooperation with a travel agent will not cost you much more. I am paid by the suppliers of the tourist services, receiving a commission for mediation.

√ Also, you can have the guarantee of timeliness, allowing me to make booking for you right away.

Are you ready for ​ holiday? I have an offer for you!